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Eupite Majengwa

Sculptor, (Hatfield) Zimbabwe

Eupite Majengwa was born in 1971 in the Chiweshe rural district. He is married and has four children.
His artistic talent was already discovered during his boyhood by his father when he learnt the art of painting while working with him. Concurrently he also started sculpting with clay in his spare times with friends.

In 1986, after his father’s death, Majengwa decided to go into stonesculpting, encouraged and taught by his brother Sidney. His preferred materials are the green Serpentine and the white opalstone and his favourite themes are his interpretations of women, torsos, birds in different forms and shapes whereby his Interpretation of bathing women excels into perfection & aesthetic in an abstract yet natural way. Each sculpture is still unique. The raw stone inspires him already in its natural form and teils him what shape it should take. For the Shona artists each stone has its own soul which he gives new life.

1994 Majengwa was invited by Tom Blomfield, the founder of the famous Tengenende Sculpture Park to work and sculpt in the Community together with other worldfamous artists, experience of which added greatly to his now very advanced and highly appealing & aesthetic expression of his works. He thereafter was also rewarded the Certificate of the „World Art Foundation“ from Norbert Simons of Netherlands. Today, Majengwa is a representer of the new dynamic generation of the Shona sculptors and already has his place in the history of the Shona Art. His works are represented in private collections and art galleries worldwide, i. e. Germany, Switzerland, Holland, U.SA., Australia, Canada etc.
Eupite Majengwa lives with his family in Hatfield and works & exhibits in the Hatfield Art Center alongside other worldreknowned artists like W. Bonjisi, Clopas Kamere, Donald Makate, B. Sango, the Joseph brothers, N. Mukomberanwa, to mention a few.

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